PRD GROUP / China Operations Support is a Finnish owned boutique China business consulting firm. Dozens of European companies have benefited from our services in developing their presence or running operations in China. Our services have included for example establishing companies, partner search and negotiations, intellectual property protection, and sourcing.

Our network includes corporate lawyers, accounting firms, and other professionals we work together to provide the best service to clients. The roots of our network reach to the year 2002 and consist of hundreds of companies, organisations, and people.

We are in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, South-China, but our services cover all China.

Register trademarks

It is important that your register all your trademarks in China now if you are considering to do business in China. If you do not register your trademarks, there is a risk that some Chinese might register your trademark and become as the official owner of the trademark.

Find partners

You might need to find certain kind of partner for cooperation. The required partner might be a company, governmental organisation, or some institute. We can find the right ones and introduce them to you.

Establish a company

Whether you need a company for operations in China or for international business, it is important that everything is done right from the beginning. A properly incorporated company is a solid base for future business.

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