China public holidays for 2022

There are currently seven official public holidays in Mainland China. The public holidays are the same every year but since they often follow the lunar calendar, the exact dates are different and adjusted accordingly every year. It is important to note that Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan have different holiday schedules.

Weekends are usually swapped with the weekdays next to the actual holiday to create a longer vacation period. The holiday periods can also vary. For example, factory workers usually have longer Spring Festival holidays compared to white-collar workers.

Public Holidays for 2022 are:

New Year’s Day1—3 January3 days
Spring Festival31 January — 6 February7 days
Qingming Festival3—5 April3 days
Labour Day30 April — 4 May5 days
Dragon Boat Festival3—5 June3 days
Mid-Autumn Festival10—12 September3 days
National Day/Golden week1—7 October7 days


Right now, the Spring Festival is soon beginning which is the most important Chinese holiday. Most of the factories have already shut down their production and many employees have left for their hometowns. This year again, unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation is still delicate, and the government is encouraging people to avoid travelling. Last year there was no big increase in COVID case after the holiday travels. So, let’s hope for the best again this year, although the Omicron variant might give an unpleasant surprise.