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Starting a business in China or Hong Kong

Are you planning to establish your business in Hong Kong or China? Do your future plans include extending the business to the leading economic area within this particular market? Or are you potentially looking for an international gateway to the Asian market or a platform with light taxation and efficient bureaucracy from where to conduct your international business? PRD Group can help you and your business effectively to take the next step.

Joining the Chinese market is a decision not to be made lightly, and preparing essential contacts demands-resources. This is why PRD Group is a reliable partner for your business – we aim to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with every single customer contact we establish.

We work closely with small and medium-sized companies that are looking to develop effective and reliable relationships with our contacts both in China and Hong Kong. One of our main strengths is our physical location. We are truly immersed in the Chinese markets, and we proudly employ a highly professional team of both local and international consultants and experts, who can help your business to gain an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market conditions. We understand the local economy and can thus supply you with truthful information about what the market can offer specifically to you. We speak Chinese and understand the local custom for your maximum benefit.

We ensure that your company’s expertise gets noticed in this highly competitive environment. Our local knowledge of this area’s economic culture gives you a head start you need to flourish in both Chinese and Hong Kong markets. 

PRD Group guarantees a secure landing in China – with extensive experience

PRD Group can assist you with your business launch in China and Hong Kong, effortlessly and with confidence. We’ll walk through the steps with you and make sure everything runs smoothly, and your company can avoid making any mistakes that may prove to be detrimental to your business.

China is a challenging environment for foreign operators, but also a platform with incredible global and local potential. However, launching in China demands careful preparations. We understand the local market and its unique characteristics, challenges and opportunities. Our customer portfolio consists of a variety of businesses offering high-quality goods and professional services, and our international team includes leading area experts who approach each project we take on with passionate ‘can do’ attitude. 

China or Hong Kong – which is the right direction for my company?

Launching a business in China is very much a different process than doing it in Hong Kong. The two areas have entirely different laws, authorities, currencies and bureaucracy which need to be factored in when it comes to setting up a local business. This is why it’s highly recommended to trust the process for an experienced professional who can guarantee that whichever economic area you choose, someone will be with you every step of the journey, helping you minimise any potential risks.

While launching a business in Hong Kong is often a relatively straight forward process, Mainland China is a more challenging environment. The launch should be conducted with diligence and care to avoid any mistakes that may lead to damage in reputation or roadblocks by the Chinese authorities in future. However, if you are looking to provide Chinese tax-deductible receipts or hire staff in Mainland China, will launching a local business there be necessary. However, Hong Kong is regarded as a more liberal gateway to access the largest population and second-largest economy in the world. 

Trusting a professional guarantee, a smooth run from beginning to end

Regardless of your decision is to establish a business in Hong Kong for more simple trading and taxation, or in Mainland China, which in the other hand has its own characteristics, hiring a business consultant is always a recommended option. Having an expert business consultant will help you to avoid any errors during the process and in the future. We will support you through each step of the procedure for its whole duration. Whichever option is the right one for your business, PRD Group will help your business to an efficient and robust start.

Contact us today to discuss your business opportunities in China and Hong Kong in more detail.

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PRD GROUP is your reliable partner for your business – we aim to develop long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships with every single customer contact we establish.