Establish company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an international business centre comparable to London, New York, Frankfurt, and Tokyo. Many global companies have established their regional headquarters in Hong Kong but also a huge number of SMEs have set up a subsidiary company there to benefit from many advantages Hong Kong offers. Hong Kong is not only a gateway to China but also a base for global business.

Some of the reasons why companies are established specifically in Hong Kong:

  • Free flow of currencies and the local currency, Hong Kong Dollar, is connected in value of USD
  • High-quality banking services including in Chinese RMB
  • Straightforward and low taxation
  • Profit tax 8.25% or 16.5%, or for offshore companies 0%
  • no VAT
  • No custom fees (except tobacco, strong alcohol, fuel)
  • High quality legal and other professional services are widely available
  • Official languages are Chinese and English
  • Good logistics and travel connections by sea, air and land, and unrestricted high-speed international internet connection
  • Legal system based on British common law which is interpreted by independent judiciary
  • No own office or hired personnel required
  • The same person can be the sole director and shareholder of the company
  • No minimum capital requirements 

So, it is no wonder tens of thousands international businessmen and companies decide to incorporate in Hong Kong. 

Establishing a company in Hong Kong

You do not need to visit Hong Kong to get a company incorporated there. We will do everything for you, and you only need to follow our advice and return the signed documents to us that we provide. After we have received the signed documents from you the company is established in a week, and you can start operating with the company.

After the company is established, there are some duties to be completed, usually annually, and of course, we will take care of those also and advise you on every step.

The names of the companies registered in Hong Kong do not enjoy trademark protection. You must apply for a trademark in Hong Kong if you want to prevent others using similar trademarks in Hong Kong.

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