Trademark registration in Hong Kong

Register trademarkHong Kong is an important commercial and logistical hub and as such an important place to register trademarks. Registering trademarks in Hong Kong is technically somewhat easier than in mainland-China as the product specifications do not need to follow any standardised list, although Nice Classification is recommended. The registration process is also quicker than in mainland-China.

Trademark registration process in Hong Kong

  1. Trademark search at Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department
  2. Submission of Application
  3. Official initial review
  4. Trademark published on Gazette
  5. Formal review
  6. Issuance of certificate

How long does it take to register a trademark in Hong Kong?

Registering a trademark in Hong Kong takes typically from six to eight months.

How long is a trademark registration valid in Hong Kong?

The trademark registration in Hong Kong will be valid for ten years, and it can be renewed by application submitted six months before the expiry date of trademark registration.

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department:

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