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Trademark search and registrability analysis

Not all trademarks can be registered in a particular jurisdiction. There are international agreements about trademarks, but the local law, regulations, interpretations of aforesaid, and existing trademark registrations may prevent your trademark to be registered.

If you are inexperienced with trademark issues, we will explain the main principles and take care of local specifics.

Trademark infringement investigation and response in China

Did you find somebody using your trademark or offering fake products for sale online? Do you feel your rights in your trademarks have been violated?

Trademark infringement happens more than one would hope for but we can help you. Together with a Chinese lawyer we can assess the situation, minimise further damage to your intellectual property rights, contact the person or company who is violating your rights, and negotiate with him or sue him in a local court of law.

Trademark registration in China

Registering your trademark in China because it is both a vast market but also an important source of production.
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Trademark registration in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important commercial and logistical hub and as such an important place to register trademarks.
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China business plan

Proper planning prevents poor performance or think before doing. Get things right on the first try in China.

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