Quality control and production control in China

Have you already ordered products from China and encountered quality problems? PRD GROUP can help you organize a quality inspection at the supplier to prevent quality problems. PRD Group has quality control personnel in China who know how to work with Chinese suppliers.

PRD GROUP offers help in preventing quality problems in three different ways:

  • A quality control visit to the supplier when the production is already completed. We check the products at the supplier’s premises before they are loaded into the container. Defective products will be removed from the order quantity or replaced with intact products. The products are photographed and a report is drawn up on the observation measures. Depending on the desired scope and the product, the inspection can cover all products or a randomly selected part according to the AQL process.
  • Quality control during production. Our staff visits the supplier while production is still in progress and monitors the manufacturing process of the products, making sure that the customer’s requirements are met.
  • Process evaluation before the start of production. We visit the supplier before production starts there and go through the supplier’s own production and quality control process. We try to assess whether the supplier is able to carry out the production in such a way that it meets the quality standards and, if necessary, we give recommendations to both the customer and the supplier to improve the situation.

If necessary, we also carry out a check on the loading of the products into the container/for transport.

China sourcing

PRD GROUP helps ensure that only good products are delivered to the customer.