Supplier search in China

China has a huge amount of manufacturing industry for every departure. PRD Group helps you find a supplier for your product in China that meets your requirements.

China is the world’s factory, so there are often a large number of suppliers for each product. The challenge is how to find a suitable supplier. Today, even a single person can create impressive websites with social media profiles and pose as a representative of the factory, even if the reality is that the goods are ordered from somewhere else, with varying degrees of success. At worst, the operator is a complete fraud.

PRD Group can efficiently find a suitable supplier, avoiding middlemen and vague operators. Years of experience make our operations fast and straightforward. Difficult suppliers are detected in time and cooperation is prepared with the best supplier.

Since we are in China, we can check on the spot how things are and talk face-to-face with the suppliers. With visits, we can make sure of the company’s character, delivery ability, responsibility, etc.

Our supplier search speeds up your procurement process and makes it safer. When PRD Group has completed the investigations, you can decide whether you will conduct the commercial negotiations yourself or whether PRD Group will also take care of that side.

China sourcing

Contact us by sending us the information about the product you want, the desired quantity and the delivery schedule.