Lasse Liukkonen

Lasse LiukkonenLasse Liukkonen, 39, is the Managing Director and Lead Consultant of PRD Group. He has lived and operated in China and Hong Kong since 2006, working in various positions related to market entry, company incorporation, business launch, intellectual property protection, and project management. His extensive, over a decade-long experience across international business and management field, is an indispensable asset for clients who are serious in doing business in China and Hong Kong and wants to avoid the usual problems as a newcomer in the market. The base for tomorrow’s success is built today.

The Background

“I never planned to come to China, but it’s as if fate has something to do with it. I have found it to be my new home. Now I plan to stay here for a long time helping Western companies to enter the Chinese market. I often get asked if now is a good time to do business in China, and I always answer that this must be considered case by case. Making strategic business decisions for your company based on financial news and the macroeconomy is not the way to success.”

Lasse Liukkonen

Liukkonen is the first point of contact for your business when you decide to establish your company in China or Hong Kong. He will assess your current situation and plan a feasible solution to reach your business goals quickly, comprehensively and cost-efficiently. There is no one fit-for-all way to match every company’s needs, so each case is considered and handled individually.

Liukkonen manages a professional team of highly experienced local- and international business consultants. The team behind Lasse ensures that your business will be prepared for the Chinese market with diligence and care, using their local knowledge to ensure you find the most reliable business partners in the area. PRD Group also works with a network of local and international contacts across China and Hong Kong, giving your business the option to grow globally and gain access to the second-largest economy in the world.

Liukkonen is the Chairman of Finnish Business Council Guangdong, former Chairman of Mainland China Committee of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and a former Chairman of Pearl River Delta Working Group of European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. He has a BBA in International Management and lives in Guangzhou, Southern China, near Hong Kong.

Liukkonen is specialised in the following areas:

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Tel./WhatsApp/WeChat: +86 136 0289 6512 (China) or tel. +852 5428 4220 (Hong Kong)

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